Children’s Law

Have you been contacted by Community Services (aka DoCS/FaCS) about your children? Are you unsure about working with them or have there been court proceedings started in the Children’s Court? Have you had Court proceedings before but you are now seeking your children back to your care? You might also be a carer, or family member of children who need some advice about decisions or actions taken by Community Services or another agency.

Our team of Solicitors are extremely experienced in all areas of Children’s Law. Several of our Solicitors are on the legal aid panel to represent adults (and children). We can provide you with advice, representation at Court (Children’s Court, NCAT), and support in what we know can feel like an overwhelming and stressful time.

Our Children’s Law Team

Rebecca Harper

Principal Solicitor and Accredited Specialist


Natalie Bremner

Senior Solicitor


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